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The Woman in Green crop b.jpg

              Illustration for The Woman in Green by Morley Callahan, Saturday Night Magazine 1988.           Canadian Magazine Award, winner best Illustration. Toronto Art Directors' Award best Illustration, Silver.

CCBC poster May 25 .jpg

Canadian Children's Book Centre, Book Week Poster, 1997

Ilona Oct 25 2020 .jpg

       Illustration for On Discovering A Dead Poet,  by Dorothy Stott,   Saturday Night Magazine, 1982

The Sorcerer's Apprentice .jpg

     Illustration for  Vancouver Island Children's Book Festival Anniversary poster, 2011

rm 4.jpg

    Illustration for Dan Simmon's short story Carrion Comfort, Omni Magazine 1983.  New York Art Director's Award for illustration.


                                                                        Illustration for Alphabrats,  Owl Magazine 2002


               Illustration for Body, by Joel Davis, Omni Magazine, 1985, New York Art Director's Award for Illustration


                           Illustration for Dan Simmon's short story Carrion Comfort, Part 2, Omni Magazine, 1983

The Great Orlando .jpg

         Illustration for Lee County's Lizard Man, by Dennis Stacy and Kevin McKinney, Omni Magazine, 1986

Little Darling .jpg

                                Illustration for Little Darling, City and Country Life magazine, 1982
                                                  Ontario Society of Painters, best painting, 1981

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